BI 300A-309A. Business Internship

A practical on-the-job experience whereby students are employed by organizations in an environment that enables them to supplement their formal, theoretical business education. Each internship is individually arranged and must be approved in advance by the internship director and the student’s adviser. Internships may be taken during the school year or during the summer months. Students are evaluated by the organization for which they worked and by the submission of a descriptive paper by the student. Numbering is as follows:

BI 300A          General Business Internship
BI 301A          Accounting Internship
BI 302A          Management Internship
BI 303A          Marketing Internship
BI 306A          Finance Internship
BI 308A          Business Info. Systems Internship
BI 309A          Sports Management Internship 

Offered: Fall
Credits: 1-3
Prerequisite: Internships are available to business majors or secondary concentrations in business who have successfully completed most of the basic business courses.