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Thanks to wonderful examples set by contemporary philanthropists, the concept of giving has become core to an individual’s identity. Donors are not waiting until retirement to start thinking about philanthropy, but are making it a much more meaningful part of their lives earlier than previous generations.

How can you do something that might be, for you, equally consequential?

We suggest you consider a gift to St. Bonaventure University’s endowment. Income from the endowment enhances the student experience for all those who live and learn at St. Bonaventure. 

There are a variety of options that are available to meet your financial and philanthropic goals, while continuing to provide security to your family.

In the endowment fund, the principal is protected and only a small amount of the earned income (an average of 5 percent at St. Bonaventure) is used to help with current expenses.  

Those funds are vital for providing student scholarships, faculty support, capital needs and operations as needed. Growing the endowment also supports Franciscan heritage and values as well as student extracurricular activities and our beautiful campus infrastructure.

Please contact us today to discover how you can make a difference with a gift to the St. Bonaventure University Endowment.  

Endowment Opportunities 

 •$2,000,000 - Endowed Academic Chair 

•$250,000 - Endowed Professorship   

•$100,000 -  Endowed Visiting Professorship

•$50,000 - Graduate & Undergraduate Endowed Research Fellowship   

•$25,000 minimum - Endowed Scholarship

•$25,000  - Endowed Visiting Lecturer 

•$25,000 - Endowed Program Fund 

Example: A program endowment gift of $100,000 would create revenue of $5,000 per year for the program or department of your choice.
Many small-sized liberal arts colleges face an impending challenge of keeping their operating budget sustainable while investing in a strong endowment. 

A healthy endowment is said to be three times an organization’s operating budget. St. Bonaventure University’s endowment stands at $61.8 million (as of May 2014). Our goal is to increase this amount to $100 million over the next decade. 

When you give to St. Bonaventure’s endowment, you create a permanent legacy of support. Your gift is invested and the earnings allow the university to meet the needs of our constituents, with a special emphasis on the students we serve.

A gift to the university’s endowment will help guarantee St. Bonaventure’s long-term success while making a direct impact on today’s students.

Choosing to support the endowment offers the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.