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International Admissions

International Admissions

St. Bonaventure University encourages qualified international students to apply for admission. 

When applying to St. Bonaventure University as an international student, there are three phases of the admissions process. Phase 1 is the review of academic credentials and Phase 2 is the Certification of Financial Responsibility. Phase 3 is the confirmation of enrollment and issuing of I-20 application for student visa. If you have questions about international admission, please contact the international admissions team

Phase 1: Review of Academic Credentials 

The following credentials and test scores must be submitted to the Admissions Office no later than three months prior to the anticipated date of entrance to the University (June 1 for the Fall semester and October 1 for the Spring semester):
1.  Original of OFFICIAL credentials (transcripts, diplomas, etc.) with appropriate seals/stamps from all previous institutions attended must be submitted to St. Bonaventure University. These documents should bear the signature of the school principal or headmaster. If these are not originally issued in English, you must provide a translation completed by a certified translator.

In some cases, international applicants will be required to contract (at student expense) with an educational evaluation service for verification of credentials. This will always be the case where college transfer credit is sought for work completed outside the U.S.or Canada.  We recommend the following credential agencies:

2. Applicants from countries where English is not the official language must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL.) or the IELTS (International English Language Testing System exam. Please indicate the St. Bonaventure code (2793) when you register for the exam. Go to these links to sign up for this test  TOEFL   IELTS

While official copies of academic and testing records are required, the admission office can make use of photocopied records for purposes of an initial non-binding review.
Applicant will be notified of the admission decision in writing.

Phase 2: Certification of Financial Responsibility 

After you are admitted to the University, you must demonstrate the ability to pay for the costs associated with a St. Bonaventure University education. Included with this international student application is a Certification of Financial Responsibility form. You must fill out this form (required for all students coming in as F-1 students), and identify each source of funding for your education. If you intend to draw bank funds from any account, a bank official and the holder of the account must certify that the information on the Certification of Financial Responsibility form is accurate. You are also required to submit a certified copy of any bank statement for funds you intend to contribute to your education, either from your own account, or from another individual's account.
Contact if you have questions.

Phase 3: Confirmation of Enrollment and Issuing of I-20 Application for Student Visa

Upon receipt of your letter of acceptance to St. Bonaventure University, you will be requested to confirm your place at the University by sending a $200 U.S. confirmation deposit to the Office of Admissions. When we receive this deposit, your application will be forwarded to the St. Bonaventure University Office of International Studies, where an I-20 student visa application will be initiated, signed and mailed to you.

Transfer Certification Form

This Transfer Certification form is required for any student who spent the last academic year in the U.S. (secondary or post-secondary, including language study). Students must secure release from their U.S. institution in order to attend SBU and will still be considered first-year students at SBU.

Additional Information

Be sure to show your name on the application and other documents you complete exactly as it appears on your passport.

Some international students may qualify for a scholarship or grant to assist in paying the cost of attending St. Bonaventure University.  International students who apply to St. Bonaventure University must submit all of the documents required for freshman or transfer students. Additionally, they must provided translations of these documents if they are not issued in English. Please refer to the phases listed above for detailed information about the requirements for certifying financial responsibility and obtaining the I-20 Student Visa application.   International students have several options when choosing how they wish to apply for admission. Whichever option you select, be sure to indicate your country of birth and citizenship. 

All new SBU students are required to provide completed health forms and vaccination records. Submitting these prior to arrival on-campus is especially helpful.

Useful Links for Prospective International Students 

The Official NCAA College Athletics Website 

TOEFL / IELTS Requirements

  • TOEFL: Recommended score of 80 or higher
  • IELTS:
    Recommended score of 6 or higher

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