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What Can I Do With This Magor?
Strategic Communication and Digital Media


Strategic communication and digital media equips students with the practical skills and ethical decision-making needed to guide the future of interpersonal, organizational and cultural communication within businesses and organizations.

Students will be prepared to embrace the challenges of global dynamics, continually evolving technologies and the fast-paced change within today's professional marketplace. The strategic communication and digital media degree:
  • prepares students for roles as strategic communicators in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations;
  • evolves as communication culture and technology evolves, including digital, social and emerging media;
  • readies students to understand, evaluate and address organizational dynamics and change in uncertain times;
  • recognizes a global marketplace and its impact on how organizations communicate internally and externally.

A Bonnie in the Big Apple

Kyle Trietley put his Strat Comm coursework to work every day during his summer internship at SiriusXM Radio in New York City.

We give you the skills you need to succeed

Strategic communicators understand how their work supports larger business goals. They utilize their skills in critical thinking, analysis and research to scan their environments, create integrated and complex communication plans and execute those plans using traditional and emerging communication channels.
The program's aim is to provide students with the skills needed to succeed in this swiftly evolving industry. Students will:

  • learn how to write using clear, concise, compelling language for a career in communications;
  • develop professional presentation skills to build support and influence;
  • research, develop and execute complex communication plans;
  • understand organizational dynamics in both domestic and global environments;
  • utilize the full array of communication tools, including new and emerging technologies such as social media;
  • know how to effectively and ethically communicate crisis situations; engage with industry professionals; practice their craft with real clients in an agency setting.

Position yourself for success in a number of fields

The strategic communication and digital media major provide tactical training for students interested in a multitude of communications-related careers, which increasingly require entry-level employees to work as generalists while also understanding how their tactics tie into the organization’s larger strategic goals.

A major in strategic communication and digital media positions graduates for success in any number of career fields, including:

  • Advertising
  • Business communication
  • Not-for-profit communication
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Training & workforce development
  • Event planning & management
  • Digital & social media management
  • Government relations
  • Human resources
  • Internal communications
  • Market research
  • Marketing
  • Sports marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Education
  • Fundraising

Faculty Research and Honors

    Oct 19, 2017

    Dr. Chris Mackowski
    Professor: Journalism and Mass Communication
    Dr. Chris Mackowski, professor of journalism and mass communication, has appeared several times on C-SPAN over the past three months. His appearances have been with Emerging Civil War, a consortium of public historians he cofounded in 2011. On July 1, for the anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, Mackowski moderated a panel of historians at Gettysburg Heritage Center. The panel discussed the current state of Civil War public history, including the recent contentious debate about Confederate heritage and monumentation. C-SPAN first aired the discussion on Sept. 30. It can be found on C-SPAN’s website here: On Aug. 5, C-SPAN covered the Fourth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge on the Spotsylvania Courthouse battlefield in Virginia. Mackowski served as emcee for the weekend event. C-SPAN aired Saturday’s proceedings live, and it has aired individual talks from Friday and Saturday several times this fall. The line-up of talks can be found on C-SPAN’s website here:


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