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Secondary Education (Minor only)

The minor in secondary education is designed for students majoring in appropriate arts and sciences fields to pursue initial secondary teacher certification in New York state (grades 7-12).  

The minor prepares students to be secondary teachers in biology, chemistry, English, French, mathematics, physics, social studies and Spanish. It leads to eligibility for New York state teacher certification for grades 7-12.

This is a 37-credit minor that requires a two-day-a-week internship during the spring semester of the junior year and a semester of full-time student teaching. The student teaching semester is generally in the fall of the senior year, but accommodations can be made for spring student teaching when necessary.

Because of the number of requirements, it is especially important that students declare this minor no later than their sophomore year.

Students enrolled in the Secondary Education Minor will be assigned an adviser from the School of Education in addition to their major-specific adviser.

Requirements for a minor in Secondary Education

 Requirements   Credits 
 Courses 15
      EDUC 201. Introduction to Education
      EDUC 220L. Basic Instructional Design Technology
      EDUC 250. Adolescent Development and Learning
      SPED 440. Curriculum Adaptation and Instruction for Students with Special Needs
      EDUC 208. Designing and Delivering Instruction
      EDUC 354. Problems of Literacy in the Secondary School
 Field Block Semester 12
      EDUC 306. Managing Instruction and Behavior in Secondary Education
      EDUC 360. Literacy in the Content Areas
      EDUC 330. Methods and Models for Special Subjects
      EDUC 406. Evaluating Learners and Learning 
      Choose one of the following:
            EDUC 333. Secondary English Methods
            EDUC 337. Secondary Language Other Than English Methods
            EDUC 338. Secondary Social Studies Methods
            EDUC 340. Secondary Math Methods
            EDUC 341. Secondary Science Methods

 Student Teaching 10
      EDUC 495. Secondary Student Teaching Grades 7-9
      EDUC 496. Secondary Student Teaching Grades 10-12 
 Total for Minor in Secondary Education 37

Field Experiences

Students enrolled in the minor in secondary education are required to complete the required field experiences. This includes observation/tutoring hours, a semester-long Field Block (Professional Development School) Experience, and student teaching. 

The Field Block semester consists of two full days per week spent in a secondary school setting where students receive 9 credits of instruction from SBU faculty who travel with the students to the school, and the rest of the days are spent working with teachers in secondary classrooms in their subject area.

Before student teaching, students will complete a minimum of 100 clock hours of field experience both through coursework and the Field Block semester. Student teaching consists of two 7 week placements of approximately 350 clock hours each, one a placement in grades 7-9 and the other in grades 10-12 in their subject area. Students are only allowed to take one evening course in addition to their student teaching courses during that semester for a total of 13 credits.  


With the appropriate major in the content area, this minor degree will prepare students for New York state 7-12 teacher certifications in the content area. In addition to majoring in the appropriate content area, it is extremely important that students follow a detailed plan of study in their major that provides them with the coursework necessary to meet the content standards for secondary certification in New York State.
Upon graduation and completion of the minor, St. Bonaventure will recommend for certification students who:
  • complete coursework within their major that meets New York State Education Department and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) standards for teacher certification in their teaching area;
  • complete a bachelor’s degree (or 30 credits) in that teaching area
  • and complete all of the requirements of the minor.

To declare a minor in Secondary Education, meet with the program adviser, complete the appropriate form and file it with the Records Office by the end of the student's sophomore year. The appropriate form is available on or from the Office of the Registrar.