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Dr. David G. Hilmey
(716) 375-2603
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Umar Asif and Tina Boortalary work with Dr. David Hilmey in Dr. Hilmey's lab


The Chemistry Department provides courses to serve a variety of students. The chemistry major finds a curriculum designed to impart a broad competence in the traditional areas of chemistry. Sufficient flexibility remains to allow secondary concentrations in a wide variety of other areas, such as biology, mathematics, or foreign language. The university's general requirements in Clare College guarantee a well-rounded, liberal arts education. Possible career goals include graduate school, medical school, dental school, law school, positions in the chemical industry, government, and teaching.

Science students, who are not chemistry majors, but take chemistry courses as part of their departmental requirements, develop an understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry to aid in the understanding of their major field.

In all cases, the emphasis is on personal interaction between students and faculty.

Combined Degree Program

St. Bonaventure’s affiliation with the Lake Erie College of Medicine (LECOM) School of Pharmacy allows the possibility of a chemistry major entering SBU with a reserved seat in LECOM’s Doctor of Pharmacy (D. Pharm) program. For details, please see the SBU-LECOM Combined Degree Program in Pharmacy page.

Our affiliation with George Washington University School of Medicine allows for qualified chemistry students to reserve a seat within the prestigious GW Medical Program upon admittance to St. Bonaventure for their undergraduate degree. Please see the SBU-GW Combined Degree Program page for more information.

Even more affiliations with SBU allow for reserved seating for chemistry majors at medical schools through our Franciscan Health Care Program.

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