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Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences, the largest and most diverse school on campus. With our sixteen departments, our varied majors, excellent faculty, and multidisciplinary programs, we offer something for every undergraduate student at St. Bonaventure.

We service most of the courses for the Clare College core curriculum and the Honors Program, and all students, whether in Business, Teacher Education, or Journalism/ Mass Communication, will take many of their classes within our school.

Bona's students looking ahead to post-graduate study in the health care field may take advantage of the university’s Franciscan Health Care Professions Program.

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Virtual Bookshelf 1
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Virtual Bookshelf 2

By clicking on the images above, you'll visit the School of Arts & Science's Virtual Bookshelves. The bookshelves display books written by Arts & Sciences faculty and books containing contributions by Arts & Sciences faculty. The Virtual Bookshelves are interactive: click on a volume and you'll find out the title and who wrote or contributed to it. Enjoy!

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Faculty Research & Honors

    May 11, 2017

    Dr. Michael V. Chiariello and Dr. Leigh A. Simone
    Departments of Philosophy and Modern Languages

    Dr. Michael V. Chiariello and Dr. Leigh A. Simone attended the 23rd annual conference of The Association of Core Texts and Courses in Dallas on April 20-23. The conference was titled "Bridging Divides, Crossing Borders, Community Building: Core Texts, Liberal Arts, College and The Human Voice." Chiariello chaired the session titled “Does Wealth Have Contexts?” He additionally presented a paper titled “Plato’s Cave: Meta-Politics for the Post-Factual Era." Simone chaired the panel “In Programs and Classrooms: Re-invigorating the Core through Considerations of Gender.” Simone also presented her paper “The People Have Spoken: How Will St. Bonaventure’s The Mind’s Journey to God be Re-Configured and Re-Imagined in the New Core?”

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Science & art

Encouraged by SBU to "keep doing what you're passionate about," Griffin Kramer is majoring in chemistry and music.