Minor in Latin

Non-majors may obtain a Latin minor by completing the requirements below. For an overview of a particular course, click on its title. Our Course Descriptions page lists all classical language courses.

  • LAT 101-102. Elementary Latin
  • LAT 201. Introduction to the Latin Authors of the Republic
  • LAT 202. Introduction to the Latin Authors of the Empire
  • Two approved electives chosen from
    • LAT 301. Horace
    • LAT 303. Roman Historians: Tacitus
    • LAT 307. Cicero: Orations
    • LAT 308. Poetry of the Ciceronian Age
    • LAT 310. Poetry of the Empire
    • LAT 311. Virgil: Aeneid
    • LAT 401. Latin Satire

To declare a minor, a special form must be filled out and filed with the Records Office by the end of the student's junior year. The appropriate form is available from the student's advisor.