Recycling Collection during RecycleMania:

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Week 1 (Feb. 2-8): 2.19 tons recycled or 19.22% of total waste
Week 2 (Feb. 9-15): 2.23 tons recycled or 18.83% of total waste
Week 3 (Feb. 16-22): 2.40 tons recycled or 20.20% of total waste
Week 4 (Feb. 23 - March 1): 2.48 tons recycled or 22.44% of total waste
Week 5 (March 2-8): 2.78 tons recycled or 20.98% of total waste
Week 6 (March 9-15): 1.17 tons recycled or 19.18% of total waste
Week 7 (March 16-22): 3.22 tons recycled or 29.27% of total waste
Week 8 (March 23-29): 2.09 tons recycled or 16.29% of total waste

SBU finished 80th out of 307 participating schools in the "per capita division" with 16 pounds recycled per capita. SBU recycled more this year than during last year's competition, which resulted in 13.825 pounds recycled per capita.

Recycling Facts (that can save you money and the Earth)
  • The average American uses 700lbs of paper a year, or about 465 trees per citizen.
  • A glass bottle will take 40,000 years to decompose if not recycled
  • 40 percent of all bottled water is bottled tap water
  • It takes 500,000 trees to publish the NY Sunday Times—every week!

Feb. 2 - March 28

FINAL RESULTS: SBU finished 80th out of 307 participating schools in the "per capita division" with 16 pounds recycled per capita! SBU recycled more this year than during last year's competition, which resulted in 13.825 pounds recycled per capita.

Our Recyclemania goal this year is education. By educating our campus, we hope to improve recyling efforts from last year to have 27 percent of all waste be recycled.

Our "Be the Tradition" slogan means that we are to continue our efforts to not only be conscious of recycling during Recyclemania but also become a more sustainable campus.

This year's Trashion Fashion Show  starts at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 21, in the Rigas Theatre of the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts. Go to the Trashion Fashion Show page to learn how to make your own eco-friendly designs!


Calendar of Events for Recyclemania 2015

  • Trashion Fashion Show - 7 p.m Tuesday, April 21, in the QCA's Rigas Theatre

  • The Trashion Fashion Show is a design competition combining high fashion with environmental awareness in an effort to construct works that are both eco-friendly and eco-couture. It is a fun and creative way to live a more sustainable life beyond simply sorting recyclables into buckets or bins.

    Go to the Trashion Fashion page to learn more.


St. Bonaventure community uses recycled pledge tree to promote Recyclemania

Feb 19, 2014 |

By Kiara Catanzaro, ’15

Recyclemania, an eight-week-long project hosted by St. Bonaventure’s Sustainability Committee, Tread Lightly environmental group and Student Government Association, promotes the importance of recycling and sustainability on campus in an effort to benefit the environment.

Eric Gersbacher, a junior nonviolence major and member of the campus e nvironmental group Tread Lightly, adds recycling pledge cards to a tree in Hickey Dining Hall.

The theme for the event this year is “Feed the Wolf.” Green Bona Wolf logos located around campus brightly identify recycling locations. St. Bonaventure has the opportunity to recycle effectively because the university allows plastic containers numbered one to seven on the recycling symbol to be recycled on campus.

During the first week of Recyclmania, students were invited to sign leaf-shaped pledge cards signifying their commitment to recycling. 

Katrina Teeter, president of Tread Lightly, said there are 300 cards on the pledge tree. The tree, located in the Hickey Dining Hall, is made out of recycled materials.

“I wasn’t sure how many students would participate in Recyclemania and pledge to recycle,” Teeter said. “In the beginning, there were only 200 pledges printed. The result means our campus is ready and willing to increase their recycling habits. I say this because those 200 pledges were signed the first day, and 400 more had to be printed. I am very excited to say there were many students who are excited to promote recycling to their friends and increase their recycling habits themselves.”

Teeter said the goal is to increase the percentage of recyclable materials collected on campus.

“The overall goal this year is to reach 25 percent,” Teeter said. “Our slogan is ‘push for the fourth’ because we are trying to increase campus recycling to one-fourth of all materials. This year, we are publicizing our raw percentages to see if we can reach 25 percent and increase the push for recycling through positive publicity.”

Teeter said students should increase their awareness of recycling to help with this project.

“Students can help continue Recyclemania’s success by educating themselves,” Teeter said. “One way students can get informed is through ‘Toilet Talks’, which is the bathroom newsletter sponsored by Tread Lightly. Every two weeks there is a column that informs the campus of what Recyclemania is, what can and can’t be recycled and educational events Recyclemania will be hosting.”

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