READ 550. Teaching Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Learners

This course heightens teacher-education candidates’ sociocultural consciousness and expands their abilities to meet the needs of linguistically and culturally diverse learners in K-12 classrooms. Building from a social justice perspective, candidates develop pedagogical practices that are culturally responsive, theoretically grounded, and supported by empirical research. Specifically, candidates (1) explore the dynamic and reciprocal relations between first- (L1) and second-language (L2) acquisition and literacy development; (2) learn about approaches that leverage both L1 and L2 to develop literacy abilities and disciplinary knowledge; and (3) practice techniques to foster the development of academic language and the ability to code-switch between primary discourse and ‘standard English.’ Particular emphasis is placed on valuing students’ discourses and funds of knowledge. Throughout the course, candidates make connections between these specific topics and other contemporary issues in literacy education. 15+ hours of field experience, working with linguistically and/or culturally diverse learners in K-12 classroom settings, is required.

Offered: Regularly
Credits: 3