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JCC+SBU: The Plus Program

Completing your four-year college education in New York state’s Southern Tier is affordable and achievable.

The JCC+SBU Plus Program is a partnership between Jamestown Community College and St. Bonaventure University. As a JCC+SBU student, you'll complete your associate's degree at JCC, and then continue your education at SBU to earn a bachelor's degree with at least a 50% tuition discount.

As a JCC+SBU student, you are encouraged to participate in clubs and activities at JCC while primarily enrolled there. You’ll also be invited to participate in special events at SBU.

Academic Programs

In the JCC+SBU Plus Program, you will complete your associate’s degree at JCC first. You are also encouraged to enroll in one course per semester at SBU. The guided program pathways coordinated by JCC and SBU academic advisers will enable you to move easily from JCC into one of the following SBU programs:

  • Business Administration (AS) at JCC leads to Accounting, Finance, Management or Marketing at SBU
  • Computer Science (AS) at JCC leads to Computer Science or Cybersecurity at SBU
  • Criminal Justice (AS) or non-track Social Science (AA) at JCC leads to Criminology at SBU
  • Social Science (psychology track AA) at JCC leads to Psychology at SBU
  • Social Science (sociology track AS) at JCC leads to Sociology at SBU
  • Individual Studies (AS) at JCC leads to Adolescence Education with a specific concentration or Physical Education at SBU
  • Individual Studies (AS) or Childhood Education (AS) or Early Childhood Education (AS) at JCC leads to Childhood, Early Childhood and Special Education (triple certification) at SBU

Note: Some courses for certain JCC degrees are offered only at JCC’s Jamestown Campus.


  • You are admitted jointly to JCC and SBU and begin classes at JCC in fall 2019.
  • You must complete an associate's degree at JCC.
  • You must meet and maintain grade-point average requirements (varies by major). 
  • You must be either a high school senior, JCC freshman, or a high school graduate who’s never attended college.

Steps to Become a JCC+SBU Student

1. Apply to the program: If you are a high school senior or a high school graduate who's never enrolled in college before, start by clicking here to create an account and complete the JCC+SBU application. Admissions counselors at SBU will identify students who are eligible for the JCC+SBU program. 

If you are a JCC student in your first or second semester, you can apply to the JCC+SBU program in the JCC admissions office.

2. Be notified of acceptance: The SBU admissions office will notify you, by letter, if you have been accepted into the JCC+SBU program.

3. Complete your enrollment: Accepted JCC+SBU students need to complete and return the JCC+SBU records release form that accompanies the SBU acceptance letter. By signing the form, you allow SBU to share information you identified in your application and your high school transcript with JCC.

4. Congratulations!

SBU will let JCC know that you want to be a JCC+SBU student. The JCC admissions office will send you a welcome email outlining the next steps necessary to complete your enrollment. 

For more information, view the FAQ page or contact SBU's transfer coordinator Andrew Wyatt at (716) 375-2432 or

JCC+SBU Plus Program


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