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What Can I Do With This Major?


A world of opportunities


International Studies is an interdisciplinary program that addresses the principal issues confronting today’s globalizing world, drawing ideas, faculty and courses from a wide range of disciplines.

Majors choose a primary and secondary concentration that will allow them to become familiar with global issues and problems related to culture and the arts, politics and society, international relations, and global political economy.

To further this knowledge and help develop language skills, students will be encouraged to study and/or engage in service abroad.

Career Outlook

The major in international studies has many varied and exciting career paths available. Here are just a few fields and types of employers available with a bachelor’s degree in international studies.

  • Business: domestic and foreign financial institutions, international marketing firms, international trade firms, international transportation, travel, and hospitality industry.
  • International Relations: relief organizations, religious organizations, educational institutions, consulting firms, research institutes.
  • Government: United Nations, defense contractors, U.S. Peace Corps, U.S. Foreign Service, USAID, Armed Services.
  • Non-Profits: private voluntary organizations, humanitarian services, relief organizations.
  • Language Services: public and private schools abroad, English language institutes, colleges and universities.
  • Journalism: foreign news agencies, TV networks, wire services, online publishers, academic journals, magazines, museums, freelancing.

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