Bachelor of Arts in Professional and Creative Writing

The writing major provides students a broad foundation not only in the practices of writing in the modem world, but also in a critical approach to those practices. It offers students a focused and intensive education both in creative and professional writing pointed toward the twin aims of perfecting craft and understanding both the publication process and the process of joining and sustaining creative communities. Finally, the major will train students in the professional expectations of writing practices in a variety of media, always drawing on the creative impulses that have led students to the writing major in the first place. The result is an academic degree that has sharpened students' creative and professional writing abilities, giving them a sense of direction and purpose.

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Professional and Creative Writing

The following table summarizes all requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Professional and Creative Writing. To see the description of a particular course, click on its title. The English Course Descriptions page lists all English courses and the Journalism and Mass Communications Course Descriptions page lists all JMC courses.

Requirements   Credits 
 Professional and Creative Writing  36
 Writing Core
      WRIT 101. Introduction to Writing Studies
      JMC 110. Professional  Writing I: Style
      JMC 111. Professional Writing II: Craft
      SC 220. Digital Portfolio and Career Readiness
      ENG 325. Writing in Digital Environments

 Theory/Criticism — Take one of the following      
      ENG 275. Rhetorical Criticism and Theory
      ENG 326. Digital Rhetoric
      ENG 390. Literary Theory
      ENG 391. Literary Criticism
 Professional Writing — Take one of the following
      ENG 250. Advanced Oral and Written Communication
      SC 301. Strategic Writing and Professional Communication
      ENG 260. Advanced Composition: Business
      JMC 315. Persuasive Writing and Rhetoric
 Creative Writing — Take two of the following
      ENG 270. Creative Writing: Narrative
      ENG 271. Creative Writing: Poetry
      ENG 272. Creative Writing: Drama
      JMC 318. Creative Nonfiction
 Advanced Creative Writing — Take one of the following 
      ENG 350. Creative Writing: Narrative II (prereq. ENG 270)
      ENG 351. Creative Writing: Poetry II (prereq. ENG 271)
      JMC 418. Creative Nonfiction II (prereq. JMC 318)
 Capstone Experience — Take both of the following
      WRIT 400. Senior Workshop
      WRIT 499. The Writer's Project/Internship

 Foreign Language*  3
 General Education Requirements** 37
    The General Education curriculum, a 37-hour program to help students appreciate a liberal arts education, includes required specific courses as well as selected courses from various distributions. For details, go to General Education Curriculum.
 General Electives 44
 Total  120

* The foreign language course must be at the 202 level or higher. Students not prepared to begin at this level will need to take additional courses in the language that will count as general electives.

** MATH 107 is recommended to fulfill the General Education Quantitative Literacy Distribution.

Plan of Study for a Bachelor of Arts in Professional and Creative Writing

Changes in the sequence of the plan of study below may be desirable. These must be made in consultation with the student’s academic adviser. To see the title of a course, simply pass the cursor over the course's number. To see the description of a course, click on its number.

 Fall Semester  Credits   Spring Semester  Credits 
WRIT 101 3 JMC 111 3
JMC 110 3 CLAR 111
CLAR 101 3 Core Area Course 3
CLAR 110 3 MATH 107 (recommended) 3
General Elective or Language 101 3 General Elective or Language 102 3
Total 15 Total 15
 Fall Semester  Credits  Spring Semester  Credits
SC 220 3 Professional Writing (ENG 250,
SC 301, ENG 260, or JMC 315)
Creative Writing (ENG 270
ENG 271, ENG 272, or JMC 318)
3 ENG 325 3
Core Area Course 3 Core Area Course 3
General Elective or Language 201 3 Language 202 3
General Elective 3 General Elective 3
Total 15 Total 15
 Fall Semester  Credits  Spring Semester  Credits
Creative Writing (ENG 270
ENG 271, ENG 72, or JMC 318)
3 Advanced Creative Writing
(ENG 350, ENG 351, or JMC 418)
Theory/Criticism (ENG 275,
ENG 326, ENG 390, or ENG 391)
3 Core Area Courses 6
Core Area Courses 6 General Electives
General Elective 3
Total 15 Total 15
 Fall Semester  Credits  Spring Semester  Credits
WRIT 499 3 WRIT 400 3
Core Area Course 4 General Electives 12
CLAR 401 2
General Electives 6    
Total 15 Total 15