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Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

The following table summarizes all requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. To see the description of a particular course, click on its title. Our Course Descriptions page lists all modern language courses. For one possible breakdown of the major by semester, see the Plan of Study below.

 Requirements   Credits 
 Spanish  33
      Eleven three-credit Spanish courses at the 200 level or above

 Second Language  3-12
      One modern language course at the 202 level or above
      LAT 101-102. Elementary Latin or GRK 101-102. Elementary Greek, and
      CULT 201-202. Latin and Greek Etymology

 Mathematics  3
      One mathematics course 3

 Clare College (Core Curriculum at St. Bonaventure) 36
      CLAR 101. The Intellectual Journey
      CLAR 110. Composition and Critical Thinking I 
      CLAR 111. Composition and Critical Thinking II
      Core Area Courses:
           CLAR 103. Foundations of the Western World
           CLAR 105. Inquiry in the Social World
           CLAR 206. Foundational Religious Texts of the Western World
           CLAR 207. The Catholic-Franciscan Heritage
           CLAR 208. World Views
           CLAR 209. Art and Literature
           CLAR 302 & CLRL 302. Inquiry in the Natural World
           CLAR 304. The Good Life
      CLAR 401. The University Forum 

 General Electives  39-48

 Total  120

* All Modern Language Department majors must take a comprehensive exam. Seniors take the exam the semester of their intended graduation.

† The Clare College curriculum also includes a three-credit quantitative reasoning requirement. Spanish majors satisfy this requirement by passing any of the courses listed in the above table under Mathematics.

Study Abroad

St. Bonaventure University, through its membership in College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS), oversees study opportunities in non-English speaking environments.  A program of study in Spanish language, liberal arts and business at the International Institute in Seville and the University of Seville is available. A similar program in Italy is also available to qualified students. Program locations are Rome, Florence and Venice.  In France three locations, Avignon, Toulon and Aix-en-Provence, offer students the choice of language immersion, business courses or a liberal arts curriculum.

Modern language majors are strongly encouraged to spend a semester or year in overseas study at the appropriate location. These programs are open to non-majors as well. Three short-term programs of two weeks’ duration each are offered in Quebec, Mexico and Spain in the fields of French or Spanish language and civilization. Three credits in Intermediate French or Spanish 202 may be earned. Majors and non-majors may participate in these courses.

For a wealth of additional information, see the SBU Study Abroad website.